NDIA – Community Access Program

Community Access is probably something most people take for
granted. After all, most people access their community in various ways be it through work, hobbies or activities.

Community Access is an important part of the life of a person with a disability, as it provides access to recreation tasks, social
opportunities, friendships, and enables an individual to develop skills and strengths, or to have FUN!!!!

What does accessing your community, mean to you? Quality
Care believes that accessing your community should be about what is important to you.

Community Access Supports will be as creative and as innovative as you would like them to be! At Quality Care community access supports are delivered 1:1 with a support worker who can support you with, but is not limited to

  1. Accompanying you to the park, beach, pool or lake
  2. Assistance with food shopping
  3. Participation in sporting activities
  4. Regular outings to the cinema or shopping
  5. Support you to attend appointments
  6. Pay your bills
  7. Attending religious or community events
  8. Visiting the gym to workout
  9. Catching up with or meeting new friends
  10. Attending arts, drama or music classes
  11. Visiting your family
  12. Going to concerts
  13. A night out at the club, pub or local restaurant

Quality Care can also offer these supports in a 1:2, 1:3 ratio, or as requested depending on the groups support needs.

Our dedicated, trained staff will make every effort to provide the best opportunities, and the best support to those who participate in these programs.

How do you pay for Quality Care Community Access Programs? This program is funded via your NDIA plan, core supports, social and civic line items or can be self-funded.

All entry fees, tickets, meals, craft activities, memberships, shopping, are paid for by the individual.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our Community Access Programs, please call 1300 534 431 or you can email us at admin@qualitycare.com.au.

Quality Care are able to provide services throughout the Hunter Valley, the Central Coast, Hunter New England Region, Western Region & Greater Sydney.